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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Cuba - Beatiful Island in the Caribbean

Cuba - Beautiful Island in the Caribbean
By []Abby Agier

The magical island Cuba in the Caribbean is an extraordinary place. And so is its capital Havana. The dilapidation of Havana Centro is impressive and the UNESCO World Heritage of Havana Vieja is very picturesque with the Spanish colonial buildings. Cuba is a city inhabited by many colorful characters such as magical artists, talented musicians and true survivors.

The capital Havana
Havana is not an ordinary touristic place. The city has character and has many interesting museums, history and beaches. Being a bastion of Communism, it has been politically isolated which doesn't attract the endless stream of tourists. The few tourists who make it to the island will be overwhelmed by the gentle and warm locals and the amenities of the island.

Nature of Cuba
Cuba is the biggest island of the Caribbean with 1,207 km of mountain ranges and over 200 bays and sunny beaches. The most famous mountain ranges are the Sierra del Escambray in the center, the Sierra Maestra towards the east and the Cordillera de los Organos to the west.

Generous Locals
You will find a lot of culture, food, art and music in Cuba. Your best option is to sit back and relax with a Cuban cocktail and watching the locals and listening to the Cuban samba somewhere near. The locals and very generous and if you meet them you'll find yourself invited into their homes. They share everything they have with you and will even cook you a delicious homemade Cuban meal with pork, plantains, rice and beans and make you a fresh mango juice and many strong Cuban coffees at the end. The people of Cuba are known for their hospitality and it's said that they will even give you their shirt off their backs. They want to be sure your stay at their island is the best you will ever experience.

Architecture and Dreamy Pictures
The colonial architecture could have compelled with the big European cities of Europe during its heyday. Unfortunately it's faded over time and had a lack of descent recourses. Its current state might not be perfect, but it's beautiful in its own way with the peeling paint and crumbling walls. This makes Cuba a place where it's impossible to make a bad picture and therefore the dream of many photographers. You too will take many beautiful pictures of laughing children, smiling locals, romantic lights and dusty streets.

About The Author

Abby Agier has been an editor for the travel industry for over 20 years. Next to publishing about the most beautiful places in the world she is also a editor for home and kitchen tools and writes about []classic stand mixers to advice about the popular []white stand mixer.

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