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Thursday, December 17, 2009

On Holiday in Havana

On Holiday in Havana
By []Rosella Colella

Havana is by many, considered the hub of Cuba, being not only its capital city, but also its cultural centre. On any Cuba holiday, visiting this vibrant city is an absolute must, and there are a number of ways to make the most of you holiday. Whether you fancy salsa, history or cigars, Havana is a city in which you can experience the very essence of Cuban life.

Salsa in the City

Havana is definitely the best city to experience the rhythm and soul of salsa - Cuba's signature dance. No Cuba holiday would be complete without swaying your hips in one of Havana's many salsa clubs. You don't need to be a dancer to enjoy dancing here, as the locals are all very friendly and more than willing to help you learn as they dance the night away with you. But if you're far too shy to take the limelight on the floor, you could always go to a few dance lessons which are offered throughout the city.

Havana is a city where dancing is part of the way of life. And the city's vast array of clubs prove it every day. One of the city's best hangouts is Casa de la Música de Centro Habana, where excellent music sets the mood for a night of salsa in the city. Havana nights will turn your Cuba holiday into an experience of great food, dancing and music.

Old Havana

If you're interested in history, Old Havana is likely to be a source of entertainment for hours on your Cuba holidays. Havana is a colonial city, and it is one of the best preserved cities in South America. There are some fascinating old sites to be explored, such as the Catedral de San Cristobal and Gran Teatro, both of which are architecturally beautiful. Today, the Gran Teatro still hosts ballet performances and if you time your Cuba holiday to coincide, you could incorporate a show into your stay.

There are other interesting buildings to be seen in Old Havana too, such as the Capitilio, which is a replica of Washington DC's Capital building. If you want to learn a little more about Cuban history, you could pay a visit to the Museum of Revolution or the Museum of Fine Art, both of which will tell you the story of your surroundings on your Cuba holiday.

Havana's Festivals

Cuba holidays often focus on the national spirit and rich culture, and both of these are best exemplified through the country's many festivals. Being the capital city, Havana hosts the majority of the larger Cuban festivals, and it would certainly be fun to time your Cuba holiday with one of them. The most spirited festival of them all is the Havana Carnival, celebrated each year during June. The city springs to life and is turned into an enormous street party. Colourful costumes and entertainment await you, and a good time is sure to be had by all.

If street parties aren't up your street, fantastic jazz and ballet festivals are equally magical. Whatever your taste, you can't go wrong with spending a few nights in Havana during your Cuba holiday.

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